South Summit Fire Protection District provides fire protection, emergency medical services and other emergency responses for Kamas, Francis, Marion, Oakley, Peoa, Woodland and the Unincorporated Areas. South Summit Fire Protection District administrative offices are located at 102 Thorn Creek Drive Kamas, UT 84036. South Summit Fire Protection Districts mailing address is PO Box 1030 Kamas, UT 84036.


Today South Summit Fire Protection District is under the direction of Chief Scott Anderson. Throughout the department’s history, members have worked to enhance fire service and improve service delivery to the residents of the Kamas Valley. The department specializes in the response of HazMat, Heavy Rescue and Wildland Teams.


South Summit Fire Protection District operates under the direction of its commissioners. These members are directly appointed by the community they represent giving the community local control. The Fire Chief serves as the Chief Executive Officer and is the highest-ranking officer at the department. The Assistant Chief's are second in command and oversees all the day-to-day operations of the district.


South Summit Fire Protection District responds to over 300 to 400 calls per year responding from 3 fire stations throughout the valley, all of these services are accomplished with over 25 dedicated professionals with a variety of skills and experience.